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How to buy a property in France

Home > French Real Estate | Published 2010-09-08

France has always been a particularly attractive choice for foreigners from all over the world as a destination for their second home.

Moreover, considering the antiquated yet ever present fondness between French people and their land, buying a French property is typically a very solid and secure investment.

The acquisition of property in France requires learned counsel which can provide rational guidance in any real estate pursuit. The intervention of a French lawyer experienced in the field of real-property law is essential in order to optimize and secure the various operations of your project. Only attorneys such as these are aware of and the masters of the difficulties linked to this specific field of activity.

The role of an experienced real-property law attorney is to advise you in your dealings with the different interlocutors in the operation at hand and help resolve issues that are specific to French culture and market.

The following are the principal points to be considered:

  • Those related to the title,
  • Those related to easement,
  • Those related to the first refusal right,
  • Those relative to Land use law : the buyer sometimes wants to demolish and/or build a parcel. Therefore, he must respect building standards (particular rules implemented for a demolition permit and/or building permit),
  • Those created when confronting the French bureaucracy (“SAFER”, etc...), namely when asking to negotiate the price,
  • Those related to the contract signed with the seller : the latter will sometimes try to pass over in favor of another buyer,
  • Those related to inheritance law,
  • Those related to registration taxes,
  • Those related to financing: should you require any grants or other loans.

These are several examples among many others: taxation, social aspects, and management of the company which may be created or purchased, all are other problematic aspects which merit consideration. Therefore, the acquisition of real estate abroad requires careful and professional planning.

Picovschi Law Firm, which possesses an absolute knowledge of the culture of its country and a solid experience of pleadings before the court as well as in litigation proceedings, is qualified to counsel you and help pave the way to your success.  

This article is available online for public information purposes. It is updated regularly, as needed. Due to the constant evolution of the laws and the legal system, we cannot guarantee that the information in this article is still applicable. We invite you to contact us with any legal questions or concerns you have regarding this topic at +33 1 56 79 11 00. In no way can this firm be held liable for articles that contain inaccuracies or are now out of date.

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