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How Securing Real Estate in France?

Home > French Real Estate | Published 2010-10-18

The desire to buy real estate in France is never a mistake! How and with whom you will do it is another matter altogether! The French market is currently one of the most stable in the world. While considering purchasing real estate in Paris for example (or anywhere else in France), a fit choice is always inevitable… unless you choose the wrong partner.

Although the global financial market is in the midst of a recession, real estate prices are increasing in Paris. Our law firm has extensive experience in real estate transactions and litigation. Our litigators’ skills afford us an understanding of the types of risks you cannot afford.

Our team of bilingual lawyers, trusted by the France-based US Embassy, can help secure your project at every step along the way.

Before buying anything, we will advise you in many matters:

  • Secure the transaction by checking the property rights with the French Land Registry
  • Secure your purchasing agreement by including all the necessary suspensive clauses
  • Assess the best method of obtaining your financing
  • Check the market price
  • Advise you on what kind of investment you need
  • Follow up with the mandatory tax reports

Buying real estate in France is an exhilarating and unique experience. Nevertheless, it is an investment that you want to secure. Our law firm is always available to assist you in all your endeavors. Our team of US and Paris admitted lawyers will make your job easier. No need to have one attorney in your home country and another in France… we can be both!!!

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