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International Law


Marriage abroad: how to divorce in France

Nowadays, couples are increasingly deciding to celebrate their marriage abroad. Sometimes some of these couples are “mixed” couples meaning they do not have the same nationality. In addition, couples tend to live in several cities during their marriage. Is it possible for a couple who has contracted a marriage abroad to divorce in France? Under which conditions? The assistance of an attorney is necessary to guide you in your divorce proceedings in France. Picovschi lawyers, competent in family law, can help you navigate throughout this difficult time.

Annulling an international marriage: what is the governing law ?

Marriages are more and more celebrated between spouses of different nationalities or in foreign countries at their place of habitual residence. International law is more frequently used today, especially in matters of estate and divorce. As a result, the marriages listed above may be affected by one or more extraneous elements making them international.

International Commercial Contract: Part 2

The international contract is a contract that has a foreign element, that is to say that the contract is in contact with one or more order (s) legal (s) abroad (s).

International Commercial Contract: Part 1

As a lawyer experienced in business law and international law, we are increasingly viewed by our customers active in business life, concerning the execution or faulty execution of international commercial contracts.

International Contract

An international contract is a contract with one or more elements in contact with a foreign legal system.

Organization of a French Law Firm

The law office of Gerard PICOVSCHI consists of several partners and associates, all experienced in different fields of law.

International Materials

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Assistance to France-Canada Commercial Dealings

Our bilingual Lawyers can assist you in dealing with France-Canada Commercial relations

Invest in Canada

France and Canada have always been very close to each other. Thanks to their common history, their common language but also to their trade. Nowadays economic relations between Canada and France are really dynamic and diverse. Both countries consider each other as privileged partners.

International Labor Contract

As a global Law Firm, we are able to assist you when you plan to work or send employees overseas. Our International Lawyers can easily manage your cross boarder mobility issue.

FRANCE – USA Business relations

As a partner of the Embassy of the United States, we manage the bilateral Franco-American relations on behalf of French companies in Europe and America.

Our Partnerships

We are recommended by:the Commercial Services in France of the US Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, the UK Embassy and the Spain Embassy.

What is International Commercial Law ?

As the world becomes smaller and smaller based on the communication development, the international transactions increase. Indeed, our International Law Firm could see over the past years that more and more private persons or companies have to deal with international transactions.