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Assistance to France-Canada Commercial Dealings

Home > International Law | Published 2010-12-15

Our bilingual attorneys can assist you in dealing with all matters of French and Canadian commercial interactions.


  • French and European firms attracted by outsourcing and willing to take advantage of the expanding Canadian market.
  • Individuals and firms involved in French-Canadian litigation procedures.


  • Enter the local market with the partnership of local correspondents, with the creation of a settlement, as a source of profit resulting from the industrial capitalization, by taking up the most effective structures from the perspective of corporate law, local tax law, and social law.
    • Produce at a low cost by expanding the partnership with the local firms in the form of joint venture, with the creation of a local production facility entirely from foreign capital.
    • In reference to the legal goals, they rely upon the precise coordination and expertise of commercial law, international tax law, and Canadian law.
  • Optimize the management of trans-national litigation.


  • In reference to the legal process, they rely upon impeccable organization and knowledge of commercial law, international tax law, and Canadian law.
  • In reference to the economic process, they rely upon a network of local partners handpicked for their abilities and focus areas. 

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