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What is International Commercial Law ?

Home > International Law | Published 2010-10-20

As the world becomes smaller and smaller due to unprecedented development in technology and communication, the amount of international transactions has increased drastically. Indeed, our international law firm has recently seen more and more individuals or companies dealing in international transactions than ever before.

These transactions are undeniably diverse…

Inheritance or Trusts for private persons.

International distribution agreements, international franchise agreements, contracts for the sale of goods, contracts for services, agreements on consulting services, international banking transactions, etc…

These types of complex transactions typically involve several parties and various languages. Thus, being represented by an international law firm with a broad range of practice areas is invaluable in your international business pursuits. Our bilingual attorneys, trusted by the France-based US Embassy possess extensive experience in all kinds of international contracts.

Depending on where you want to conduct business, we also offer a unique understanding of the local market. Therefore, our French and American lawyers can:

  • Assess the feasibility of your project
  • Check the local market
  • Check the reliability of your local partners
  • Ensure that your agreement preserves your interests
  • Ensure that you clearly understand the different clauses of the contract
  • Assist you in French, English, or Spanish
  • Follow up with due diligence

Your international lawyer must be part of your plan and part of your investment. They will be proactive in drafting any contract and securing the international transaction you are dealing with. Rather than hiring different lawyers in each respective country, you will receive the assistance of an international law firm on different issues in different languages.

This article is available online for public information purposes. It is updated regularly, as needed. Due to the constant evolution of the laws and the legal system, we cannot guarantee that the information in this article is still applicable. We invite you to contact us with any legal questions or concerns you have regarding this topic at +33 1 56 79 11 00. In no way can this firm be held liable for articles that contain inaccuracies or are now out of date.

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