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International Estate


Real estate investments abroad

Within the framework of the development of these international relations, our lawfirm has naturally been interested in real estate operations cross border scale (Israel, United States and China…) in order to form partnerships with the professionals of this sector (lawyers, real estate agents…).

The existence of an inheritance

Proficient in Estate issues, our Bilingual Lawyers are competent to assist you in every aspect of the probate.

Blocked Probate, what are the solutions?

What is the deadline to declare his acceptance or waiver of the estate?

Step 1: Opening the succession

Our Estate department, trusted by the France-based US Embassy, is highly experience and proficient to assist you in any legal issue your family may encounter regarding the estate.

Disguised donation: A risky temptation

With a whole department focused on international estate, our French Law Firm based in Paris can assist you in your legal issue. Our extensive experience could benefit you since we learned from different and complicated cases. For this purpose, we can assist you in managing a safe donation to your heirs.

International Estate: How to transfer funds from France ?

Our team of US & French Attorneys is trusted by the French-based US Embassy to get the French banks to transfer the Estate's funds overseas