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Inheritance and succession


International Succession

You are an heir in a particularly complex succession with assets located in several countries: bank accounts in England, property in France, and works of art in Spain, whereas the deceased, who was a French national, lived and died in Belgium for example. So the question arises of which law applies. Avocats Picovschi has full knowledge of the latest legislative and jurisprudential developments to resolve and represent clients in such international successions.

International inheritance: do you enjoy full rights concerning the disposal of your estate?

After great thought, you have decided to anticipate the conveyance of your estate by drafting a legal instrument (will, agreement, etc.). Although you may have the possibility of designating the laws of a given State with authority to settle the future conveyance of your estate, you must nonetheless be careful not to infringe upon the mandatory provisions of public policy. What are these provisions? What are their consequences? The PICOVSCHI Attorneys firm can provide answers to your questions.

You believe you should benefit from someone's will, but inheritors contest your rights

You have taken care of a person in the last moments of their life, and have created a strong relationship with them. Hoping you will be repaid for this generosity, they mentioned you in their final testament to receive some or all of their inheritance. At their death, the inheritors contest you based on their relationship to the deceased and their place in the will. What can you do to defend your rights?