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French Lawyer in Construction and Real Estate Insurance

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As French Real Estate and Construction Lawyers, we handle proceedings involving insurance companies in the "appellant as security."

By this procedure called “call in warranty”, we make sure that the insurer covers and supports the compensation negotiated or imposed by the courts.

By mastering the procedural aspects of the 'insurance component "of real estate and construction records, and we really give up against the insurance company forensic operations.

We follow these forensic benefiting from technical expertise in construction trades. This allows us, for example, to assess and challenge, item by item, all costing an estimate of repair product expertise being ...

More generally, the challenge to his insurance company or insurance company of his opponent became indispensable in every problem real estate and construction.

It has even become an automatic reflex of competent counsel in real estate and construction.

Only by this procedure is guaranteed in simultaneous conviction of the author's claim and his insurer for direct settlement by the insurer, the latter being much more solvent than the wrongdoer.

In fact, any delay or challenge to its coverage by the insurance company can have catastrophic consequences.

The victim may lose any compensation and the wrongdoer may be simply bankruptcy if it cannot honor the amount of sentences.

Obviously, victims of disaster housing, such as a fire or accident claim water damage, immediately think of their home insurance and make a statement of claim within the time limit to their insurer that is to say their insurance company or broker.

Moreover, all litigants whether individuals or professionals have, the fact of life in society, the experience of the questioning of an insurance company because the law requires for many activities proof of insurance.

But in matters of real estate - construction, even if an insurance contract is not legally binding in all areas, it is absolutely indispensable because of the total stakes.

Thus, virtually everything in real estate - construction is "insured" and the lawyer in Real Estate and Construction Law, so also in insurance law, insurance and must advocate enforcing the guarantee appropriate time.

For example, it includes:

  • Home Insurance (renter's insurance, homeowner's insurance or co-owner, etc..)
  • Insurance of the condominium
  • Insurance of property owners,
  • Insurance neighbors or adjoining landowners,
  • The insurer of the owner of real estate, home or business: when the non payment of rent by the tenant or on its responsibility when a tenant defaults on their obligation to provide insurance under the lease,
  • Insurance-related acquisition financing real estate or insurance credit
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance of real estate professionals (realtors and their financial security estate, property managers or trustees professionals, notaries, bankers, etc..)
  • Professional liability insurance or other professionals in construction (two-year guarantee, warranty decennial guarantee of perfect completion, delivery guarantee, which are guarantees offered by manufacturers, architects insurance, insurance for construction companies, duty to advise professionals, etc..)
  • Risk insurance for the construction or more precisely the risk associated with the operation of construction (site risks insurance, work injury, etc..)
  • The involvement of personal insurance administrative or public law affecting the property or the right to own real property.

There is no doubt that the French lawyer in Real Estate Law and Construction Law is also a lawyer in insurance law.

In France, once the client entrusts the defense of its interests, it must involve not only all of the parties but also all insurers.

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