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Tax Optimization in France

Home > French Tax Law | Published 2010-12-15

As lawyers competent in tax law, we have mastered the demands and stages of tax optimization in France.

It should be noted that tax planning not only encourages a smaller tax burden by reducing or eliminating taxes but also renders businesses and corporations more competitive in an environment of increased competition.

One of our main points of discussion on this issue is found in the article entitled, "France: a Legal, Social, and Fiscal Paradise." The proof is clear ...

Our expertise in international tax planning allows us, in conjunction with our international department, to manage the relocation and implantation of new business headquarters abroad. We stand firm in our belief that developing trade or business in France unveils extremely advantageous tax benefits.

This proficiency in the reduction of tax burdens is a result of our research and experiments in taxation, which instigated the birth of new and innovative concepts of fiscal optimization.

Our corporate trial attorney’s experience in tax litigation allows us to determine the exact scope of our tax consultants and recommendations, thereby eliminating the risks of retrospective action by the Tax Administration.

Our French law firm based in Paris has been consulted for tax audits or tax validation from business leaders wishing to understand the actual financial and fiscal risks at hand.

To "mount" implies tax reclassification; we much prefer a system offering a set of "options" and clear tax benefits. This organization allows us to obtain very interesting results; for example, no tax levied on corporate earnings and salaries to ensure, in conjunction with our Corporate Law Department, which legal transactions within a company (or a group of companies) can be carried out without taxation so as to eliminate tax on capital gains, disposable assets, business transfers, property, etc.  

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