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How to save on taxes in France?

Home > French Tax Law | Published 2010-11-22

In creating a business structure in France, our law firm reduces the taxes of companies based in Europe by helping correctly plan their business operations.

In this manner, establishing a business in France can unveil a fiscal paradise that gives businesses an important competitive edge over their multinational counterparts.

Our law firm does this by substantially reducing the social security and labor costs that companies usually pay for employee accounts when doing business within the European Union, thereby optimizing the performance and reducing the taxes of these companies.

Moreover, we advise foreign and local companies on how to best craft the international structure of their France based company while also avoiding an imposition of local taxes on the profits of their foreign companies.

In general, our tax department is highly experienced in implementing national or multinational business operations in France, which allows foreign or multinational companies to introduce their goods and services to the global market or export them while paying the smallest amount of taxes possible.

For example, we advise businesses on how to minimize taxes when conducting mergers, transfers of shares in French companies of non-French residents by paying a lower VAT rate, and by reducing property taxes by correctly investing funds and assets in tax-free operations, or by exposing specific business operations to a lower rate of value added tax.

We have also successfully convinced local tax authorities to consider particular tax deductions that substantially reduced payments of corporate taxes.

In the field of construction, we obtained remarkable results by eliminating taxes imposed on construction companies for certain construction projects, thus drastically increasing the profits of these companies.

We demonstrated and explained to tax authorities the real nature of business operations conducted by multinational companies, thereby qualifying such operations in the most advantageous manner from a fiscal point of view.

As a traditional firm, we represent our clients in negotiations and litigation before all local and European governmental tax and court authorities.

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