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Home > French Business Law | Updated 2014-11-17 | Published 2010-12-15

Doing business in France is an attractive opportunity, yet considering the complexity of French and European law; it must be cautiously planned and applied.

The firm works with its clients to establish policies, procedures and strategies for conducting business in France, this in a manner consistent with and appropriate to the client's interest and circumstances.

Our legal skills span the full range of business affairs. Our attorneys have legal backgrounds that allow the firm to service business and intellectual property needs in all major disciplines in business, intellectual property and business law, in a timely and efficient manner.

The practice is managed by a core of senior attorneys that have experience in dealing with the complex issues that arise within the business, real estate and intellectual property arenas.

Our aim is therefore to offer assistance and counsel in the following fields:


This department provides legal counseling support and assists local and foreign companies in establishing and developing their business, on the French and the International markets.
This assistance consists in selecting and creating the most appropriate legal company structure in taking into account our clients’ constraints.

It also consists of representing and defending the interests of companies in their relationships with their business partners, in planning and defending tax interest and in reducing social security costs and other labor law taxes involved in employment contracts executed in France.

As a legal advisor, this department secures and optimizes the legal structure and management of companies in order to improve their results and to increase their market value.

The firm conducts operations such as mergers, acquisitions and scissions of companies and assists local and foreign companies in implanting their business in France and Europe, on the one hand by purchase or merger with other companies, and on the other hand by dealing with such companies, for example by concluding joint venture projects or distribution agreements.

Furthermore, it aids individuals in defending their private interests, such as in the field of family, matrimonial and personnel property law.

The firm is of course qualified in all fields of international business and European law, in fields such as international and European tax, air transport, energy, petrol, environment, banking, financial and insurance law.

Composed of traditional lawyers, the Business department is in possession of all skills required for negotiating and fixing business strategies, as well as for pleading before commercial, tax, labor and criminal French courts.


This department is offering assistance in the field of construction, promotion of real property and business transactions concerning real estate in France.

The firm advises its clients in all tax, environment and administrative regulations issues related to construction projects in France, thus avoiding collision with the tax, environmental or labor authorities.

It consults its clients upon purchase, lease or sale of land or of real property in France.


The intellectual property department, managed by a senior partner experienced in the field, works in the field of patent, trademarks, copyright, models and designs, information technology, e-commerce, and unfair competition issues.

In the field of trademarks, the firm performs trademark and trade names investigations for the screening and clearance of proposed marks and company names for use in France and in the European community.

The firm files and prosecutes national and European trademark applications and oversees the filing and prosecution of foreign trademark applications working in conjunction with foreign clients or law firms.

The firm accompanies intellectual property due diligence inquiries for the account of investors, underwriters and corporate clients in operations such as mergers and acquisitions.

The law firm establishes agreements allowing the creation and ownership of copyrightable works according to the French and European law, as well as publishing, distribution and representation agreements, such as in the field of recordings, advertising, television and cinema.

The firm is also highly qualified in all fields of Intellectual Property litigation.


The organization of the office has been thought and set up in order to respond efficiently to our client’s needs.

This efficiency results from:

  • The presence of qualified and complementary lawyers having graduated from famous universities such as the Sorbonne and London Universities,
  • The office being in the heart of the Paris business center,
  • An advanced computer system compatible with those of our clients in order to ease the transfer and reception of data.

This article is available online for public information purposes. It is updated regularly, as needed. Due to the constant evolution of the laws and the legal system, we cannot guarantee that the information in this article is still applicable. We invite you to contact us with any legal questions or concerns you have regarding this topic at +33 1 56 79 11 00. In no way can this firm be held liable for articles that contain inaccuracies or are now out of date.

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