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Doing Business in France

Home > French Business Law | Updated 2014-11-17 | Published 2010-12-15

Optimize your tax and company strategic options: Why pay more when you can pay less?

Companies in France often bear the burden of paying a substantial amount of taxes on account of their employees when doing business in France.

Our firm reduces, for company managers, partners and certain categories of personnel, the charges and social security taxes from 60% to about 20%, while maintaining the same quality of social protection and coverage.

This can render the activity of a company in France more competitive and sets the path to a much greater chance of success.


We advise and explore the most suitable legal company structure allowing your company to sell goods and services in France by creating the strongest limited responsibility company adapted to your business.

The risk related to the activity of your company is therefore substantially reduced.


Owing to our knowledge of legal drafting, you and your company can maintain a contractual relationship with your contractors, such as agents or distributors, free of risks, for example:

  • avoiding deprivation of the propriety rights you possess in your commercial activity (for instance, having your commercial contacts and know-how appropriated by a commercial agent),
  • excluding client risks  (such as insolvability of clients, bearing the responsibility of wrongful acts committed by clients),
  • creating a real commercial process permitting your company to flourish.


Our firm accompanies you in all negotiations and drafting of legal documents related to the acquisition of companies established in France or in the European community. It assists in making the best financial and legal choices when taking over a business and optimizing operation in tax, employment and company aspects.


We protect artistic designs and other industrial property by filing trademarks, patent, and design applications.

We prosecute all acts of infringement of your intellectual property rights and file actions against all unfair competition damaging your business in France, whether before the legal institutions for the protection of intellectual property or the courts.

Our firm negotiates, secures and drafts all agreements related to the protection and transfer of technologies.

This article is available online for public information purposes. It is updated regularly, as needed. Due to the constant evolution of the laws and the legal system, we cannot guarantee that the information in this article is still applicable. We invite you to contact us with any legal questions or concerns you have regarding this topic at +33 1 56 79 11 00. In no way can this firm be held liable for articles that contain inaccuracies or are now out of date.

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