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Distribution of Goods in France

Home > French Business Law | Updated 2014-11-17 | Published 2010-12-15

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  • Foreign competitors whose goods and services can be sold in France
  • Companies already implanted in France


  • Develop distribution in a quick and efficient way
  • Reduction or elimination of client risk (e.g.: transport risk, insolvency risk)
  • Appropriation by the foreign company of the newly created economic activity (French law provides that the commercial agent is proprietor of his activity)
  • Tax and social optimization of the distribution organized by the reduction from roughly 60% to about 20% of the social charges attached to the remuneration of the actors of distribution (e.g.: power of sale)
  • Generation of a more competitive and higher beneficiary margin


  • In reference to the legal process, they rely upon the precedent of national and international commercial contracts
  • Use of the experience in commercial dispute management
  • In reference to the economic process, they rely upon a network of local partners chosen for their abilities and their numerous fields of practice and expertise

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