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The Aeronautics Experience in France

Home > Air Law in France | Published 2010-10-06

Since 1945, France has experienced great success in the field of Aeronautics and possesses one of the largest companies in the world for passengers and freight carried activities. It ranks third worldwide in its number of personnel (220,000 employees) and second for its flight turnover, 60% originating from exportation.

France is responsible for the Caravelle and the Concorde and is also occupied with European operations. One of its greatest feats was the creation of the AIRBUS industry and J.L. Forgeard that owns approximately 20% of global aircraft supply (2,200 aircrafts).

It is one of the world's leading suppliers of arms and vendor of the highly sophisticated military communications system RITA to the U.S. military. Its supersonic airplanes and armored ground equipment have been purchased by numerous countries. One can mention Dassault Aviation for the construction of Mirage and Rafale combat aircrafts, the Falcon business airplane and the sophisticated high level technology MATRA.

France actively participates in large scale projects such as the Airbus-A380, successfully participating and leading the most important European projects in the field of aeronautics, and is one of the largest competitors of the US aeronautics market. 
However, it is clear that investing in or dealing with the French aeronautics market can only be profitable if correctly executed by a law firm experienced in the field.


Foreign and multinational airlines, as well as their providers, concluding contractual agreements and obtaining administrative authorization to use French airspace for the purpose of doing business.


Negotiation and drafting of contracts in the field of aeronautics, as well as joint venture national and international agreements.

Negotiating with the French and European authorities and administration (public officials, politicians, organizations of control and regulations, etc...).

Management and risk optimization of airline companies, namely the reorganization of their company structure for the purpose of maximizing profits. For example, reduction of social security costs of managers and directors from 60% to 20%, along with the prevention and reduction of labor disputes between employees and staff.


The firm handles litigation proceedings alongside national and international public authorities. For example, we pleaded before the Civil Aviation Commission by employing European and French legal regulations.

The firm also secures tax litigation proceedings, namely by using its expertise in tax procedures for the purpose of cancelling inadequate proceedings employed by the authorities, thus forcing the tax administration to negotiate in the best interest of our clients.

Labor and social security law in the field of aeronautics is mastered by the firm, thus allowing it to reduce litigation risks of airlines.

In reference to the aeronautics market, our primary intention is to provide an informative, preventative, and well-managed litigation proceeding.

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