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Labor law: our expertise and our successes in the news

Home > French Labor & Employment Law | Published 2010-10-07

As experienced lawyers in labor law, concerned with obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients, we are not actively seeking media coverage. However, local or national newspapers and magazines have heard of our accomplishments and extensive experience in the field of French law. French labor and employment law is incredibly intricate and complicated, therefore you will need the best and most experienced French attorneys in the field to represent you.

You may read more about our extensive professional experience using our French Website.

You can follow the link to our press to find news articles referring to our firm on labor law.

Because numerous articles on labor law and firing issues are included in other sections of the website, you may choose to search on our search module located on our homepage.

For instance, you can find in the White Collar Crime menu different articles referring to the clandestine workmajor economic crimes that concern both employees and employers, misuse of company asset (a.k.a. ABS), the employer’s criminal liability or issues like alcohol at work, etc…

Also, you can find information about the status of representative agents and information on payroll taxes optimization in our Commercial Law menu.

You can find information about the social consequences of corporate restructuring in the submenu corporate restructuring, unfair competition from an employee, or the reduction of directors’ social cost affecting the company or skilled employees, etc…

In each of these fields our French law firm ensures that attorneys work as a team on complicated issues, sharing their knowledge and experience in order to better assist you.

This article is available online for public information purposes. It is updated regularly, as needed. Due to the constant evolution of the laws and the legal system, we cannot guarantee that the information in this article is still applicable. We invite you to contact us with any legal questions or concerns you have regarding this topic at +33 1 56 79 11 00. In no way can this firm be held liable for articles that contain inaccuracies or are now out of date.

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